Power Yoga Copenhagen
Strandgade 36D, 2. sal

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13 Oct 2019


14:00 - 16:30


200 kr



Asana Alignment Workshop

Come and learn alignment of your favourite Asanas from back-bends, forward-bends, arm-balancing poses, and warriors at this workshop with the talented yoga duo, Thomas and Sarah!

Asana translates to ‘yoga pose’ in Sanskrit, and actually means to be able to ‘sit still’ in the posture and find peace, even if the pose is challenging!

This workshop gives you the basic principles of body awareness and Asana alignments. Properly aligned muscles and joints optimise your available power. With good alignment, you also work smarter, rather than harder. In doing so, you’re able to utilise your body’s energy efficiently.

Thomas and Sarah have a precise understanding of yoga postures from a bio-mechanical perspective. Their Asana teaching method is based on precision and energy flow. You will develop an understanding of how proper Asana alignment creates a channel for energy to move fluidly throughout your body during yoga practice.

If you sometimes feel that you don’t have enough time in a regular yoga class to truly grasp the ins and outs of each pose, then this workshop is for you!